Release 0.2.15 – Lois

This software is free and does not collect any data!

In moving pictures I have found my life’s work. I find at once an outlet for my emotions and my ideals. I can preach to my heart’s content, and with the opportunity to write the play, act the leading role, and direct the entire production, if my message fails to reach someone, I can blame only myself.

Lois Weber


Scan movies for faces and create faces based MoviePrints

  • Scan a specific range for faces and display them in a MoviePrint
    • Filter a face based MoviePrint to only show unique faces
    • Create a new MoviePrint with all occurrences of a unique face
      • A face is considered unique, if it is different from another face by a certain amount. Change the amount and experiment to find the perfect value.
  • Sort thumbs by – for faces based MoviePrints
    • Face size
    • Face count in image
    • Occurrence of a face
    • Confidence value of a face
  • Show/hide face rectangle
  • Settings
    • Face confidence threshold
    • Face size threshold
      • Note: You need to scan/re-scan after changing thresholds in the settings.
  • Sort thumbs by – for all MoviePrints
    • Frame number
    • Reverse order
  • Option to quickly optimise grid layout (column count) when the MoviePrint is very high/low
  • Error reporting of worker windows into the main window


Small performance improvement when dealing with many thumbs


  • Link to go to log file location when in debug mode


  • Updated @tensorflow/tfjs to the latest version

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