I am interested in ways to create representative images of movies.


Looking into, what I consider an issue not yet properly solved, I created MoviePrint in 2014, an OSX tool to easily create poster frames of movies.

More and more movies are created, watched or archived. Yet navigating the world of moving images is still cumbersome. That is why in 2018 I gave it another shot and rewrote the whole app. This time basing it on openCV to eventually utilise its computer vision algorithms.

MoviePrint lets you create screenshots of entire movies in an instant.
Making custom contact sheets of your movies was never easier and more beautiful.

My background is in motion graphics, where I always thought that it is a pity not being able to grasp a movie in an instant or to navigate within a movie in a more content based way than scrubbing the timeline. How can a movie be represented so one would be able to identify it instantly, its mood, its content, its pace.




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