Release 0.2.6 – Jasmila

If you love your film, you have to fight for it.

Jasmila Žbanić


  • Ability to set in and out points for shot detection based MoviePrints
  • Free flow option for timeline view
  • EDL export for shot detected MoviePrints
    still experimental (tested only with Adobe Premiere)
  • Option to turn off thumb images, leaving a thumb with their mean color


  • Updated documentation –
  • Clearer usage of Expand (Create a new MoviePrint using In- and Outpoints of the clicked thumb)
    • After expanding a scene use Arrow up button on the top left to go back to the parent MoviePrint
    • Hovering over Expand now dims all other thumbs
  • Performance improvement when running shot detection of longer movies
  • Clearer open/close buttons for Movie list and Settings menu
  • Timeline handling in Player view
    • Upper timeline for scrubbing in shot
    • Lower timeline for scrubbing in the whole movie
    • Playhead width indicates frame length
  • Clearer exit from Player view
  • Scrubbing of thumb now possible both through click as well as click+drag


  • Bug where Edit cropping was broken
  • A couple of small bugs
new option – turn off images