Release 0.2.4 – Agnès

I live in cinema. I feel I’ve lived here forever.

Agnès Varda


  • Option to check for a new version of MoviePrint
  • Option to cancel shot detection when running it for the first time
  • Toolbar which exposes the most needed options in one click
    • Add a shot detection based MoviePrint
    • Add an interval based MoviePrint (with 2×2 – 6×6 presets)
    • Switch between Grid and Timeline view
    • Switch between Standard view and Player view
      • Switch between Thumb and Cut view
    • Zoom options
    • Show header and frame info
    • More options can still be found to the left in the Movie list or to the right in the Settings menu


  • Integration and reliability of feedback form
  • Tooltips and toast messages
  • More reasonable default column count for shot detected movies


  • A couple of small bugs