Release 0.2.20 – Gilda

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I knew I was a bad actor, but I looked good, so I had to go on acting… Gilda asked me to rehearse my dialog. I said my lines in a mechanical way and she punched me in the face… A punch from Gilda de Abreu turned me into an actor.

Anselmo Duarte about
Gilda de Abreu


  • Ability to export and import shot based MoviePrints
    Now it is possible, after having run shot detection, to export the MoviePrint as a JSON/PNG file and import/restore it at a later time while keeping the shot information.
  • More MoviePrint output sizes


  • Behaviour when filtering thumbs – Automatic default sorting has been removed


  • Issue where MoviePrint would not start, when the movie file couldn’t be found
  • Issue where timeline view printing could result in an error
  • Issue where progress bar behaves incorrect when Save all MoviePrints is clicked and include individual thumbs is checked
  • Issue where sorting by occurrences did not work, after filtering on unique faces
  • Issue where changing the threshold when filtering for unique faces would not work immediately
  • Issue where hidden thumbs, when visible while Saving a MoviePrint, were saved as regular thumbs

Known issues

  • The largest MoviePrint output size 16348 x … can in some cases result in an empty MoviePrint. In this case please use the next smaller size.

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