Release 0.2.0 – Agnès

I live in cinema. I feel I’ve lived here forever.

Agnès Varda


  • Ability to switch from slider to input field for row count, column count and minutes per row
    this gives theoretically the ability to increase row and column count to 100 resulting in 10000 thumbs. This feature is still experimentaland the maximum possible values have not been tested! I did a test with 5000 thumbs which took some time.
    If you want to experiment with it do the following
    — Scroll all the way down in the settings menu
    — Set the Max size cached frames value to 80 (this is the frame resolution used for displaying within MoviePrint, when saving a MoviePrint the frame get’s captured in the appropriate size)
    — Check the Show input field instead of slider
    — Scroll up and manually set column and row count. Be patient everything now takes time. I suggest you slowly approach the maximum values 🙂
  • Basic smoke test

In case you have used a previous version it is wise to do Menu -> View -> Reset application the first time you startup the new version.

Saved MoviePrint with 5000 frames